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Reducing the effects of fatigue

Fast facts

Official title: Brain Tumours - Lifestyle Intervention and Fatigue Evaluation (BT-LIFE). A multi-centre, feasibility, Randomised Controlled Trial
Lead researcher: Dr Alasdair Rooney
Where: University of Edinburgh
When: August 2017 - September 2019
Cost: £210,026
Research type: Adult, High Grade and Low Grade, Clinical Trial

This project, entitled Brain Tumour: Lifestyle, Intervention and Fatigue (BT-LIFE), will look at the feasibility of providing structured lifestyle and behavioural interventions to adults suffering from fatigue after the diagnosis of a primary brain tumour.

In researching our quality of life publication, Losing Myself: The Reality of Life with a Brain Tumour, we found that fatigue was a factor in two out of every 3 people with a brain tumour, and that for 40% of people rated their fatigue as severe. The work by Dr Rooney and his colleagues will aim to address this through an intervention study.

The study will be formed of three groups of adults who have completed treatment for a primary brain tumour and have moderate or severe fatigue. All groups will be given a baseline level of information about how they can find support through The Brain Tumour Charity. In addition, each group will be given a different level of intervention in areas such as diet and exercise advice. It is hoped that this will show us what we can do to help people combat fatigue and improve their everyday lives after brain tumour diagnosis and treatment.

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