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Member-led support groups

Support groups are a great way to give and receive peer support. They provide a safe place to gain emotional support and meet others with similar experiences in an understanding setting. The Brain Tumour Charity can help you set up and run a brain tumour support group in your local area.

At support groups, talks by healthcare professionals and information shared between members can make the journey feel less complex. Also, hearing how others are doing and the treatments they are receiving can make you feel less frightened while sharing experiences with people who truly understand can make you feel less isolated.

"We have become in some way a family. We laugh, cry and support each other"

Member of the Liverpool Support Group

Each member-led support group is different as its members will determine its aims, goals and activities. Some groups may prefer a formal structure, with scheduled speakers attending each session. Some may be more of a social group, meeting to talk and share experiences over tea/coffee. Other groups may be more active in fundraising or raising awareness, taking part in activities with a common, positive purpose.

Some groups are run by healthcare professionals or charity workers, others by people with personal experience of living with or caring for someone with a brain tumour. What is important is that the group is welcoming and gives people the opportunity to meet others in similar situations. Remember that this is your group you can decide what you want to offer, how you want to offer it and what you want to achieve.

If you are interested in setting up a support group in your local area, affiliated to The Brain Tumour Charity, we can offer you advice and guidance, promote your group, provide you with information, useful tools and start-up and annual maintenance grants.

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