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Become an Information Reviewer

The information we produce at The Brain Tumour Charity includes online content, topic-specific fact sheets and comprehensive information packs aimed at guiding and supporting brain tumour patients, carers and family members along their journey.

All of our information is certified by NHS England's Information Standard for its accuracy and reliability. This accreditation is awarded to us for following strict guidelines for information production such as using evidence-based information sources, referencing our work in detail and having our content reviewed by a panel of patient/carers (Lay panel) and relevant professionals (Expert panel).

If you have a personal or professional connection to brain tumours and you would like to volunteer for us from your own home as an information reviewer, please read the Information Standard Document (describing your role within the review process) and fill in the form below. By completing this form you will be committing to providing feedback on materials we send you within a reasonable time frame, unless you are no longer able to fulfil this role.

Apply to become an Information Reviewer

Privacy notice

We will use the details you provide to process your application and to send you relevant information to review. Your details are held on our secure database and we promise never to share them with any other organisation for their marketing purposes. You can find out more in our privacy policy.