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Hold Your Own Walk

During The Twilight Walk season, if you would prefer to hold your own walk with family and friends, choose somewhere special or local to you and organise an event of any distance, at any time during October.

It's not about where you are, but what you're trying to achieve.

Unite. Share. Celebrate. Wherever you are

You can #WalkWithUs wherever you are, throughout October, by holding a walk in your community. However and wherever you get involved, you can be part of an active community taking strides towards a cure, share in something special with loved ones and celebrate everything you're doing to help defeat brain tumours.

Wherever you walk, #WalkWithUs

By taking part in your own walk, you'll be playing a huge role in helping the 102,000 people currently living with a brain tumour in the UK.

To get involved by holding your own walk:

  • Pick a date in October and a route (whatever the length) that's special to you - whether that's an hour's drive down the road, or in your back garden.
  • Invite as many of your friends, family and colleagues as you like to your walk.
  • And join forces as you unite to raise money and move us closer to a cure, share your story and raise awareness, and celebrate everything you're doing to help defeat brain tumours.

I walked with my friend Collette. It was emotional seeing that everyone there was going through or had been through similar situations, and was a great atmosphere, everyone got involved. I felt so proud once I had done it because it showed what I could achieve.