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Fundraising terms and conditions

Thank you for choosing to fundraise for The Brain Tumour Charity! We rely 100% on voluntary donations and amazing people across the UK fundraising for us, so every pound really does count and can make an impact.

Please be aware of the following terms and conditions that we ask you to agree with before fundraising and also our information on how we store and use your data.

Terms and conditions

  • I understand that The Brain Tumour Charity will in no way be liable for any claim which may arise from this event.
  • I acknowledge that The Brain Tumour Charity shall not be liable for any injuty or loss that might occur as a result of this event.
  • I accept full responsibility and liability for the secure safekeeping of all funds raised or donations received as a result of the activity in aid of The Brain Tumour Charity.
  • I agree to pay all proceeds of the event to The Brain Tumour Charity within 6 weeks of the event finishing.
  • I will contact The Brain Tumour Charity before approaching a celebrity so that we can co-ordinate all contacts and have a record of who has been approached and by whom.
  • I will contact The Brain Tumour Charity before approaching national companies to avoid duplication of contact.
  • As an independent fundraiser, I will refer to my fundraising as being 'In aid of The Brain Tumour Charity'.
  • I will be clear and honest with my donors and sponsors about my fundraising and will not bring The Brain Tumour Charity into dsrepute.
  • I will contact The Brain Tumour Charity for guidance and use of The Charity's logo and branding of any promotional materials I wish to produce.
  • I will accept that it is my responsibility to obtain all necessary and appropriate permits, licences, approvals and consents prior to starting my fundraising activity. I will abide by all by-laws and regulations relevant to fundraising puruant to the Charities Act 2006.

Data protection statement

When you submit this form, you agree to us recording your details on our secure database, so we can provide you with the best possible service every time you contact us and allow us to keep you up-to-date on our work. Your details will be kept securely and only shared with trusted suppliers who enable us to deliver our work, for example, distribution of our newsletter. For further information, you can read our full privacy policy and data protection statement. We never sell or swap your details with any third parties, including charities. If at any stage you do not want to hear from us, you can email, call us on 01252 749990 or write to us at the address above.

Thank you for your support!