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Research Grants

The Brain Tumour Charity funding opportunities are based on the key aims of our research strategy 'A Cure Can't Wait' as we aim to double survival and halve the harm caused by brain tumours.

We fund research into a wide variety of brain tumour types that affect both adults and children. We issue open calls for applications for project grants, programme grants, clinical research training fellowships and clinical trials.

Current funding opportunities

Palliative Care

Joint funding with Marie Curie for research to improve the quality of life of people with brain tumours.

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Conferences and Workshops

Funding for scientific conferences and workshops into brain tumour research.

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Expanding Theories

Funding to build confidence in novel concepts and approaches.

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Clinical Biomarkers

Funding for projects to identify and implement molecular testing for those affected by a brain tumour.

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Other funding opportunities

Quest for Cures: Collaborative Discovery Teams

Programme funding for collaborative teams with transformational research ideas.

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Clinical Research Training Fellowship

We partner with the MRC to jointly fund brain tumour Clinical Research Training Fellowships.

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Quality of Life

Funding to increase understanding and minimise the impact of brain tumours.

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Future Leaders

Funds to support future leaders of research into the causes and treatment of brain tumours.

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