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Seizures in children

Fits or seizures can have a variety of causes, and most will not be caused by a brain tumour. If your child has not had a seizure before, it should be viewed as a potentially serious symptom.

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What is a seizure?

During a seizure, a person may or may not become unconscious. They may appear to be 'absent' from what is happening around them. Sometimes they may experience jerking or twitching of their whole body or a hand, arm or leg. If your child experiences a seizure for the first time, you should always seek medical help.

If you think your child is having a seizure, call 999 and ask for an ambulance.

In babies and young children, seizures can sometimes be caused by a fever. Seizures accompanied by a high temperature are not usually due to a serious underlying illness, but you should still seek medical help as soon as possible.

I think my child has a brain tumour, what should I do?

Brain tumours are rare, however, if you're worried, if a symptom persists or if your child has more than one of these symptoms then:

  • Talk to your doctor
    GP appointments are usually quite short, find out how to best prepare for your appointment
  • Get an eye test
    If your child's symptoms are limited to changes in vision and/or headaches, get their eyes tested by an optician before seeing your GP.