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Meningioma research

Almost a quarter of all primary brain tumours in adults are meningiomas. As many as 90% are low grade meningiomas (Grades 1 and 2) but there is a small subset that are more aggressive (Grade 3). 

Meningiomas develop in the membrane that cover and protect the brain and spinal cord. Current treatments depend on the size, location and nature of the tumour, but there are no targeted treatments, yet.

Current Meningioma research projects

Here are the research projects we are currently funding that relate to understanding or treating meningioma.

Dr Gelareh Zadeh

Targeting clinically challenging meningiomas

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Dr Gelareh Zadeh

Targeting clinically challenging meningiomas

Dr Zadeh and the team are investigating what make clinically aggressive meningiomas (CAMs) and radiation induced meningiomas (RIMs) different, and hard to treat.

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