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Treating DIPG

Radiotherapy is the current standard of treatment for children with a DIPG brain tumour.

What are the treatments for DIPGs?

If your child is diagnosed with a DIPG, having surgery to remove the tumour may not always be a viable option due to the dangers of operating on critical areas of the brain.

The standard of treatment for DIPGs is radiotherapy, which is usually administered over 3 to 6 weeks depending on the type of radiotherapy that is deemed best for your child (with a daily dose given Monday to Friday). Your child might also be given steroids during this period to help reduce some of the pressure caused by the tumour and radiation treatment.

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Our Jake animations can help explain brain tumours and brain tumour treatments to you and your child.

Based on the findings of various studies, chemotherapy drugs currently used to treat adult high grade gliomas in other parts of the brain have been shown not to be effective in treating childhood DIPGs, so your child is unlikely to receive this type of treatment.

Given the relative lack of treatment options for DIPGs, you may want to consider looking for an available clinical trial your child could join. Even if your child is not given a new treatment whilst on a clinical trial, they will be given conventional (standard) treatment while also having their health monitored very closely.

The Brain Tumour Charity is currently funding research into DIPGs, in order to discover what their biological characteristics are, how they develop and consequently, what type of drugs will be needed to treat them.

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