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Uncovering tumour transition

Fast facts

  • Official title: Defining the transcriptional and epigenetic rewiring that accompanies malignant transformation of low grade glioma
  • Lead researcher: Dr Paul Brennan
  • Where: University of Edinburgh
  • When: March 2018 - August 2019
  • Cost: £87,710
  • Research type: Adult, Low and High Grade, Academic

Dr Brennan is looking at how and why some low grade gliomas change into high grade gliomas. By undertaking tests on low grade cells, he hopes to define the biomarkers (indicators, such as genes, molecules or other biological substances found in blood or cells, which can be used to measure or diagnose a tumour) that are changing the cells.

Dr Brennan's work could facilitate earlier detection of when tumours become aggressive and could allow for drugs to be tested to slow or stop this transition.

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