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Our Research Strategy: A Cure Can't Wait

Our research strategy, A Cure Can't Wait, outlines our priorities over the next five years as we strive to create a world where brain tumours are defeated.

102,000 people in the UK are living with a brain tumour. We hear all too often from those affected by brain tumours that there are limited, if any, treatment options for their disease which would increase chance of survival and quality of life. We will change this.

Our research strategy, published in December 2014, outlines the key areas that our funded research will focus on over the next five years to achieve our strategic goals:

Double survival within 10 years

Halve the harm that brain tumours have on quality of life within five years

As an organisation, we are committed to funding research that will increase survival and will take every step necessary to improve quality of life for everyone affected by brain tumours. Our strategic goals are designed to make a step change in the overall experience of our community and are necessarily and unashamedly ambitious.

We will achieve these goals by funding research into the five priority areas, discussed below, that we believe will have the greatest impact on the brain tumour community. We want to accelerate progress by increasing biobanking to ensure that we learn from every patient. We aim to increase our understanding of the biological mechanisms behind the disease and catalyse the translation of discoveries within the lab to new and effective treatments available at the clinic. We are determined to improve both the accuracy of and time taken to diagnose patients and will enhance the care received and improve quality of life for all affected by brain tumours.

We aim to achieve our goals within 10 years and this strategy represents the work we need to do over the next five years to help us get there.

We're raising the benchmark

We've been recognised as Charity of the Year 2018 for our pioneering approach, innovative research solutions and, above all, our community-centred approach to everything we do.